August 26, 2004

Gordie and Edith Bannerman 2004

My Friends,

It has been almost three years since I started my Memoirs from an email to Kelly Kaiser dated 18th October, 2001 to this moment. Time to say thank you to those who inspired me to write the Memoirs.

I had thought of writing a book but kept putting it off. Then something happened. I wrote Kelly Kaiser who had completed a website AGIRA.This site was the pictures and thoughts of Cathy Kaiser, a young youth group student who was a member of the 1999 Pilgrimage to Italy who traveled with WW2 veterans of the Italian campaign. Kelly Kaiserís return letter to me inspired me to start sending her emails which were the start of the Memoirs and from that start they went from joining the army through almost six years of service and then HOME. Thank you Kelly for the kick start.

The next kick start on the website came from Don Olan. Don is a computer technician, webmaster, motor bike rider, fisherman, teacher. In fact he wears many hats and is a professional in them all. Don was the one who said these Memoirs must be on a web site and in a matter of minutes he had registered the site.Thank you Don Olan! Otherwise I would still be sending the Memoirs to a few as emails.

To contact the webmaster, Don Olan click here Email Don (

Hitler Line survivors 40 years later
Hitler Line survivors 40 years later

I feel I should thank the comradeship of the members of the 17th Field Regiment RCA. The almost six years I spent in their company through training and in action. To those still alive, you were the greatest, and to those who are no longer with us, Rest In Peace Old Friends. Special mention to Fred Lockhart and the late Don Bulloch for their kindness and compassion regarding the Battle of Otterloo. Along the same vein, Major Doug Delaney PPCLI gave me the boost to finally complete the Otterloo segment. Thank you .

Gordie and Orme  At present (2004)
Gordie and Orme At present (2004)

Orme Payne and I grew up together on the prairie, went to school together, and joined the army on the same day. We trained and went overseas, were in action and finally went home.

We used to tell each other that our mothers said to look out for each other, true or not, we still do. A great comradeship.

Finally thank you to Edith and Gordon and friends and relatives for your friendship and love over the years.

Gordie Bannerman.

ps. To all:
This is a letter that was placed on our car window while we attended a family reunion in Calgary. I was deeply touched by it. To think that someone would take the time to stand out in 4 degree morning to write such a very nice letter. That is why I'm sharing it with you. There is still a majority of our young people that are the greatest. Bless them! Gordie .

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