Tips To Help You Rent Your Next Roll-Off Dumpster

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Tips To Help You Rent Your Next Roll-Off Dumpster

Cleanup and renovation projects in your home and around your property can require a large amount of disposal and cleanup. Here are some tips to help you in the selection process of renting a residential roll-off dumpster for your property cleaning or renovation project.

Consider the Type of Dumpster

When you are ready to rent a dumpster to collect your waste and trash, you should look at and familiarize yourself with the different types of dumpsters available. For a residential project, you need to remember you are limited to the size of the dumpster that will fit in your yard near where you are doing the work. Your local city may not allow you to place the dumpster in the road, as this can cause a block for traffic passing in the road. 

Look at the different sizes of dumpster, which are available in different yardage sizes, with usually a 10 yard dumpster as a smaller choice and a 30 yard dumpster as a larger-capacity option. You can also look for a dumpster with a trash compactor to compress and condense the trash as you add it into the dumpster. This can help if you are disposing of a lot of household trash and waste that is collected in trash bags. Larger trash, such as furniture and construction waste, should not be put into a compactor.

Some dumpsters are available with a side hatch so you can walk larger items into the dumpster. Or you can also get a dumpster without a side hatch to help you dispose of smaller and loose items, such as roofing debris.

Find Out About Disposal Options

The type of dumpster you choose and its size can make the cleanup in your project much easier, especially if you will be creating a large amount of waste and refuse for the landfill. During your arrangements for the dumpster rental and delivery, you should find out about the pickup and disposal of the items inside your dumpster. Find out if you can arrange more than one pickup and disposal and what any extra fees would be for a second disposal. Also ask if you can rent a dumpster that you can fill as much as you need and then only pay for the amount of waste you fill it with. This can be helpful if you are not sure how large your dumpster will need to be based on the project. Some dumpster rental companies will charge you only for the waste they haul to the landfill. 

You should also get a list of waste you can and cannot put into the dumpster and find out if any items can be recycled. Your dumpster delivery company can provide you with a recycling dumpster if you are disposing of only waste that can be recycled, such as concrete.

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